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DJ C Lopez well known as (Cheche) was born in Miami Florida. He started as a DJ in 2000 at Toronto Canada, and then he moved from Toronto to Miami to start his career as a DJ/producer. He had spin in different club of Miami and the world like: Opium Miami, Mansion Miami, Nocturnal Miami, The Fifth Miami, Dream Miami, and many more. Clubs out of The States Moments Toronto Canada, V club, The Gallery Panama, Peur Panama, Prive Panama, Sala Murano Santiago de Chile, Le club Colombia Bogota, wild club Colombia Medellin ,kowell Manizales, and many more. DJ C Lopez have been producing house music since 2005 , and the style of music that DJ C Lopez produce is a combination of drums , a diversity of key board sounds with a house beat.


Name: Jose Manuel Last Name : Lopez Ferdinand Artistic name: DJ C Lopez Date of birth: 18 /01/1983 Nationality: American Age: 25 Address: Miami Florida U.S.A Activities: DJ & music production DJ C Lopez begins playing as a DJ in the 2000 in Toronto, Ontario Canada in a club called Momentos with a crowd capacity of 800 people. He played with DJs Alex Sanchez and Angelo Muchachito from Venezuela and Italy. He started developing an International Style Night interpreting diverse styles of music such as: Afro, Latin American, American, Hip hop and House. After renewing his contract for one more year, he increases his repertory and improves his skills as a DJ. In 2002 he decides to look for new horizons and moves to Panama. He begins playing in the club Iemanje, place that receives him very well. There he was higher as the exclusive DJ of the club and he stars a unique Brazilian Night never done it before that capture an audience of foreign and native people. With all the experience acquired in Canada and Panama he does his first presentation in 2003 before a though audience in the city of Santiago de Chile, Chile city that becomes his new home. He plays in Lounge Chevere where his audience almost about a thousand, dance and enjoy the diverse music styles that DJ C Lopez performed very well. In each performance he shows all his artistic and musical capacity as a DJ increasing his popularity causing him to move to Miami his city town. Miami is one of the toughest places in the world to play, because of it extensive composition of music styles and the mixture of culture, reason why he decides to explore the House music style. He works hard and star getting inside the most important clubs of Miami. In June 2004 he gets a contract in Giovanna Café Lounge a Brazilian place where he has a good and strong background in music being the only DJ in Miami who plays that kind of music. Clubs such as Torero, Metropolis, Opium Garden, Yage, Mansion and Nocturnal star requiring his presence in order to provide the best music for its diverse audiences. DJ C Lopez is not only a recognized DJ with a broad experience with different audiences around the world, but also in 2005 he started a new face of his carrier as a musical production. He not only plays in the most prestigious clubs of Miami, but also one of his first productions songs Vanessa is one of the hot hit in the environment. This DJ has a very successful carrier and prestigious international partners such as: Nikolas Gonzalez known as DJ Nikolas, which is his principal partner. He also plays with DJ Diaga, DJ Andrew, DJ Juan E Parantula, and DJ Fly that are not only DJ's but also are Musical productors as well. DJ C Lopez has lately received invitations to play in New York, Toronto, Panama, Orlando, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Buenos Aires and Caracas. He is working hand to hand with his partner DJ Nikolas to prepare their tour for Latin America. For more information go to:

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